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Top SEO Services For Local Businesses

Local Seo Wizards offers top full sevice SEO to clients world wide. Along with search engine optimization we offer website conversion optimization services and retargetting campaign set up and optimization. These 3 services work hand in hand to make your website the lead generator it is meant to be. As  search engine marketing experts not only do we specialize ranking your website to the top of all major search engines but we also undestand what it takes to covert that traffic going to your website into paying customers!

Let Us Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine.

Advance SEO Stratigies

Our team at SEO Wizards are continuously using and learning the most advanced and up to date search engine optimization techniques. These techniques are certified by top SEO experts allow us to build strong website dominance within the search engines furthermost allow our clients to quickly pass their local compeitors. We use heavy hitting SEO strategies that will beat your competitors in ways they will not be able to exced

Once First page and place rankings start to appear your company will have the best warm lead generation tool in your industry!

High Converting Website Design

Once the potential client lands on your businesses website it is very important that your site is ready to make a sale. Beautifully designed websites, landing pages and sales funnels need to be implemented and optimized with startigies that will give customers the urge to opt in emails, phone numbers or to even call for more information or buy a product directly online. These techniques have been proven to raise website conversion up as much as 32%.

If your business is serious about making  money online then this is a must to drive the higher revenues you want to see.

Customer Retargetting

As in traditional business the selling of a service or product almost never is completed on the first contact. This is also the case when you come into the digital world. The average large ticket home service conversion takes 2-6 website visits before the potential client calls or opts in on the website.

This process will be started with SEO leading people to your website where they will be lead into a beautiful website and upon leaving will get ads on social networks and sorrounding banners reminding the customer of they experience they recieved on your website.

Get A Free SEO Audit Of Your Websites!

An SEO audit will give you the following information:

1. Strategy Call With a SEO Expert

2. Current Website Trafic Metrics

3. Current Website Backlink Analysis

4. Current Website Keyword Rankings

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Using SEO

Understanding the benifit of SEO for your business will allow you to capitilize on the 10,000+ local searches happening per month in your businesses industry!  This boost in traffic will not only give you extreme brand recognition but also cause an very large increase in warm leads coming into your business through phone and online opt in!

Do you like to smile?!  Mark is always smiling because he has had a huge increase in leads since starting SEO! Be Like Mark! Use SEO and smile more!

Website Design

Created To Make

Your Business More Money

We create highly responsive websites that are focused on building conversions and pushing sales. A website is not only made to offer information but can be optimized to get people calling or buying on their first visit! Let us help you turn your website into a conversion machine and lets start raising your revenue today!


Analytics For Your


We understand the difficulty for un untrained eye to understand all the crazy analytics and graphs involved with reading website data. This is why included in all of our services we issue a monthly report with understandable readings and discriptions of what each of them mean. It is important to us that you fully understand where the return on your marketing dollars are coming from!

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We are the Local SEO Wizards. We are trained experts specializing in raking local business through all search engines using SEO.